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Blender loans between people

To this day the consumer lending market is controlled by banks and credit card companies.

Blender - The new way to finance, is shattering the monopoly, and everyone wins.

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How It Works?

The idea is simple. On the one hand there are people who want to give loans and get attractive interest rate on their money. On the other hand, there are people with a monthly salary of € 1,000 and up, who need a loan of up to 10,000 €.
Blender makes the connection between them, verifies their ability to repay, and anonymously connect them. The result: higher interest rates for loan providers, and lower interest rates to borrowers.

How can it be?
When there is no need to pay for luxurious offices, branches, high salaries, bonuses and cups of tea... We can offer a great service at a lower cost.
Blender does't have branches, thousands of employees or high overhead costs. BLender charges a transparent and clear fee and does not enjoy from interest rate margins.
We did not invent it. Peer to Peer Lending enjoyed great success in the world and represents a growing share of the loans market in the world. people to people ... and everybody is happy.


I asked for the loan to close two bank loans that I had, the process was quick and efficient! Communication with the Blender was excellent, the agent easily explained and assisted where needed. Once the application got funded - the money went staight into my account. It was a digital and convenient process without faxes or lines... Everything with my iPhone.

Simona, age 23

I was looking for a convenient loan with reasonable interest for a family event and I got a Blender Loan. The process was clear and fast - I received the funds the next day.

Christina, age 46

I checked BLender and found out that I can replace two credit-card loans with a single cheaper BLender loan. The process works like a charm and the service was great with full transparency.

Massimo, age 59

Loans Calculator

Apply for a loan, and you will be able to benefit from a decent and comfortable loan.
When applying you can determine the monthly payment rate that suits you.
Most loan requests reach full funding within two days of approval.

Loan amount:

24 months

A fixed monthly payment

36 months

A fixed monthly payment

Why to give Loan with Blender?

Instead of investing money in channels that bring you low interest rates, lend with Blender to people who want to take a loan.
If you want to get back the money you lent, you can liquidate your funds with ReBlend.

  • Higher interest on your money
  • Liquid through ReBlend
  • Giving loans to people like you
  • Clear and transparent commission
  • Join quickly and easily right from your smartphone

Blender loans between people

If you need a loan of up to €15,000 and have a monthly income of at least €1,000, but find the interest rates charged by credit card companies to be too high or the banks’ processes too lengthy and cumbersome… you’ve come to the right place.

BLender connects you with individuals who are willing to lend you money at the interest rate of your choosing and the duration that works for you. In other words, you determine the maximum interest rate that you’re willing to pay.

Loan for Family event | Loan for Holiday | Loan for Home renovation | Loan for Home purchase | Loan for Education | Loan for Cosmetic treatment | Loan for Other purposes | Loan for Wedding | Loan for Debt consolidation | Buying a product | Loan for any purpose

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Additional Information:


Calculation of the interest on a loan application: Amount 500 EUR, Duration: 6 months, Commission: 60 EUR, Interest Amount: 11.5 EUR, Total amount to be refunded: 571.5 EUR, Monthly rate refund amount: 95.25 EUR, APR (annual percentage rate): 7.04%.

APR: Min. 4%, Max. 17.1%. Period of loan: tra 36-48 months. Address: Milano, Via Vincenzo Monti 8.

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